Wuling International Hotel, Enshi

Enshi Wuling International Hotel is developed by Hubei Xinchuyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. It is located at the intersection of Jingui Avenue and Jinshan Avenue, with a construction area of 16,000 square meters. With 169 rooms, it is a comprehensive hotel integrating accommodation, conference and foot therapy. It takes modern space art as the mainstream and renders environment, architecture, style and taste interactively. Rooms are distributed in the hotel 6-15 floor, all for the new Chinese design, elegant, romantic, simple, generous. The hotel has spacious, comfortable, luxurious and elegant business rooms and suites. It is the first hotel in Enshi to introduce intelligent systems. It is equipped with intelligent robots, multimedia facilities, independent lighting and audio-visual systems, advanced video conference facilities, and a professional conference team. Provide you with an exclusive conference plan