Enshi Grand Canyon Daughter Village Resort Hotel

Enshi Grand Canyon Daugherzhai Resort Hotel is located in the core area of the national AAAAA scenic spot Enshi Grand Canyon Daugherzhai Tourist Town, which is adjacent to the tourist center. Daugherzhai Tourist Town builds a tourist destination that meets the requirements of Enshi Grand Canyon tourism service, shows the local culture and builds a regional tourism distribution center by digging out the local culture, folk experience, fitness and entertainment, international ecological community and other multi-functional integrated tourism projects. The hotel now has 395 rooms (sets) of various types, equipped with ethnic-style lobby bar, tea room, chess and card room, which can accommodate 300 people in the conference center and 700 people in Chinese and Western restaurants at the same time. It is the only resort hotel built according to the four-star standard in Enshi Grand Canyon Resort. It is invested and constructed by Enlvtou Group, a subsidiary of Elvtou. The hotel and the Grand Canyon Scenic Area are built on the mountain. A mountain is a hotel. Opening the window is the beautiful scenery. It is a mountain resort hotel with visible scenery.