Suizhou East Zhejiang Chuyue International Hotel

Suizhou East Zhejiang Chuyue International Hotel is a high-end intelligent hotel with complete functions, sound control, mobile phone control, manual control, robot delivery and wake-up dialogue functions. Each room can watch more than 40 free 3D movies and more than 400 high-definition movies. The "cultural pure land" of modern city is carefully created so that guests can appreciate the cultural journey containing the essence of Chuyue. Each guest room has its own cultural characteristics. China's best goose feather pillow, goose feather quilt, goose feather pad, sleeping bed, music shower room and administrative room are equipped with intelligent toilet and bathtub, which provide customers with healthy and comfortable high value-added products and good sleep experience. The gallery of the hotel selects the excellent works of Chu Yue art, colliding the traditional Chu Yue culture with modern fashion home. The works of art and exquisite details allow every hotel guest to encounter a visual enjoyment and surprise when turning around, gain a cultural experience with a rich personality, and find a habitat rich in cultural temperature in the jungle of the same urban hotel. Whether you are tired from business or sleepy from travel, you can find a relaxing space in Chuyue International Hotel in East Zhejiang.