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Realistic View

Build a century-old enterprise of Jin Yajia

The healthy and steady development I pursue is not how fast or how fast I want to develop. It is more important to consider how to be "stable", "specialized" and "refined", to maintain an attitude of honest management, responsibility and responsibility, to maintain a heart of achieving great cause, customers, employees and partners, and to be a century-old enterprise that can be inherited.


"Stability" can enable enterprises to withstand the wind and rain and go further; do not seek big, steady and progress!



"Specialized" represents a major, not a cross-border, one hundred years only focus on one thing, to become a high-end customized experts!



"Fine" is the spirit of craftsmen, that is, to do a good job, to be perfect, to be the only one to be the first-! Do keep improving, do no opponent!


Core Value

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Keep your promises and do what you say.


Constantly pursue more perfect, more perfect, to achieve excellence


Today's me is not yesterday's me, tomorrow's I don't wait for today's me, constantly beyond itself, to play the greatest value.


To achieve others is to achieve oneself. The heart of achieving great cause, employees and customers will never change.

Eight Major Concepts

Business philosophy

Integrity, pragmatic, innovation, reputation

management concept

Merit ≠ hard work, done ≠ done, everything is oriented to goals and results.

Production concept

With service thinking to do production, the next process is the customer of the upper process, the lower department is the customer of the upper department, and the sales department is the customer of the production department.

Quality concept

Products such as character, put an end to defective products, and resolutely zero tolerance.

Execution philosophy

Fast, efficient, and unconditional immediate execution.

Service concept

Customer first, customer satisfaction-oriented, and constantly beyond the period.

Sales concept

Responsible for the customer, responsible for the company.

Employing ideas

For the better development of the platform, the capable will go up and the mediocre will go down.