Shaodong Lidu Hotel

Shaodong Lido Hotel interprets the theme of modern fashion and romantic style. The main function of the hotel is a four-star boutique hotel integrating conference, accommodation, catering, chess and cards, and nightclub. With a construction area of 18000 square meters, adhering to the design concept of "exquisite and elegant, concise and comfortable", it is committed to building a high-end characteristic boutique business room in Shaodong. It is a hotel with full intelligent system. The hotel has carefully launched more than 100 rooms of various room types, each with an area of more than 42 ㎡, with advanced and complete conference facilities, which can provide convenient services for various business conference embankments. Lido Hotel has a high occupancy rate since its opening in 2015. The furniture it is equipped with does not feel outdated even from the current perspective. The fashionable and elegant furniture keeps the value of the hotel fresh, which is added value to investors.